Want some OhFuudge?

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Been reading about Oh Fuudge?

Tried it at a market or event around town, and already killed that jar?

Or just been kicking yourself for not buying any when you have the chance?

Time to email me!

feedme @ohfuudge.com (lose the space if you copy/paste!)


Because I have been useless when it comes to getting this website done, but I can personally help you get your chocolate fix!


I have discovered that most Clevelanders are way better than I am about willpower and buying mostly vegetables at farm markets.  I’m impressed…

However, as I’ve learned this, it seems that perhaps farm markets are not necessarily the best venue for OhFuudge.

I mean, when it gets cold out, I can offer Oh Fuudge hot cocoas.

But right now, it’s a bit warm (and early in the morning) for booze flavored sweets.

So as an entrepreneur, I’ve decided it’s time for me to step back from smaller events, though I love hanging out at farm markets and bringing home beautiful local produce every week.


That being said, the support I have felt since starting this ride has been incredible.  Did you hear? We made our Kiva goal!  We successfully crowdfunded $10,000 to launch Oh Fuudge!!!

A trip to NYC for food shows and lots of learning and networking, on the pre-kiva budget -thanks, Vicki! I’m back now and trying to get everything ready to go, and in stores, restaurants, and bars, asap.

I’m going to focus on the behind the scenes stuff, get it all dialed in a bit better. Get this website working the way it’s meant to, with an easy way for you to order Oh Fuudge and other fantastic goodies, and then start working on some more amazing and unique flavors.


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