Before we even fully launched OH Fuudge, this incredible Northeast Ohio community, which I call home, was already showing support and enthusiasm that has been both overwhelming and humbling.

Below are links to articles that inspire my ever-present happy dance, and motivate me to push through the scary parts of starting a business.  This incredible support defines for me the city’s nickname.


On 7 Feb, 2018 mentioned us in an article encouraging people to shop local for Valentine’s day. OH Fuudge was featured alongside Malley’s chocolates and other Cleveland originals!

This Blew my mind because at that point, we had produced and packaged exactly one batch!  Heck, there was still OH Fuudge on the ceiling at CCLK! No joke.


Turns out, this was thanks to Taste CLE giving us a spot at Chocolate Fest 2018 and (unbeknownst to me) creating an Oh Fuudge page on the event site!

I signed up to be a vendor at the event without even having a working logo!  All I knew was it was Chocolate season and Cleveland needed to know OH Fuudge. They were forced to snag a photo off of the Oh Fuudge Instagram just to have an image to use!


This snowballed into offers for vending spots at Adult Swim, Winter wine and Chocolate night (sold out 300p) at the Cleveland Aquarium. This one actually happened before Chocolate fest…

How appropriate that my Flavorizor is called “Edgewater…”

And then Refined, Ohio made alcohol festival (also sold out, 600p) put on by Original Festival Collective. 

All of these events were so much fun! my only regret was not having a helper so we could take turns wandering the events to see and try everything!

Following Refined, another happy dance was in order when OH Fuudge appeared on a blog post from  ~Love those ladies!  It was actually at one of their holiday pop-up events where I realized I may be onto something with my hot fudge sauces, which, of course,  motivated the launch of OH Fuudge as a real business!


But that story is on another page