“OhFuudgeYeah Punch”

Created by: Kelli Arendt, OhFuudge creator

At VegFest 2018, by far, our biggest event yet, I brought a jug of this punch to sample because I wanted to show how versatile OhFuudge could be.

Little did I know I would have people asking to buy bottles of it, and then writing down the recipe, left and right!  

Hmm… new product in our future??  Nah… Make it yourself!

2 oz mango/passion fruit juice ( I used an Organic store brand from BJ’s club)
1oz Blue Machine Berry (Naked brand smoothies)
1oz seltzer or soda
A squeeze of lemon juice
1 tsp of OH Fuudge ( we used OhWineOt)

Put it all in a shaker with ice, then…Shake it baby shake it!

Dark rum is a delicious addition option too!