I really did not want to take out a loan. 

But there’s only so much I can do with savings. So I’ve applied and been approved for Kiva.  It’s like Kickstarter, but it’s a loan, backed by a non-profit so I’ll be paying it back.

I’ve just launched a crowd-funding campaign through Kiva.org.

I had hoped to do pre-sales but I wasn’t ready yet to sell retail… Well, we’re just about there now, working on finalizing licenses and labels and getting this fancy pants website working!

I’ve also learned, it’s simply not cost-effective to cook in tiny batches when you rent a commercial kitchen. Cooking on a larger scale means ordering large quantities of ingredients up front. Needless to say, this adds up quickly!

Laurie is one of my fabulous helpers. She’s a scientist and she’s willing to help me out and be paid in fuudge and wine.

So here’s the deal:

This basically works like a regular crowdfunding campaign, the only major difference is: it’s a loan, not a donation. You’re going to be repaid!

Thanks to some wonderful people, the Kiva campaign is now public and will run until it’s fully funded, or June 26th. It’s all or nothing, so If we don’t hit the goal, everyone gets a refund.   In order to go public, I had to first find a minimum of 20 backers from my own network to make loans toward the campaign to show the Kiva network that my business is viable. I had 14 days allotted to make that happen, and we did it in five!

It’s still going strong, picking up backers from all over the world who believe in our mission to create something delicious while doing good.

We sure could use your help too!

The minimum loan is $25 but If you can spare more for a little while, I ‘d sure appreciate it!! 92% of loans get fully backed and we’re trending on Kiva US so you can help us get to where we need to be!

So here’s the deal: The terms of the potential loan are for a $10,000 loan to be repaid over 36 months at 0%interest. It’s a fabulous opportunity to launch my business without maxing out any personal credit cards.  I’m already equipped to make the payments based on what OhFuudge is already pulling in!

But this thing is all or nothing. The more people who back me early, the better my chances because high numbers will keep my campaign trending and it will show up more prominently on the site.

If you are willing and able to loan $25 or more to help me fully launch OhFuudge, It would mean the world!! 

OhFuudge is a line of unique chocolate sauces which we make from ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients and hometown flavors. Eventually, I want to follow inspiration from the ” bean to bar” movement and create single origin chocolate sauces, highlighting regional flavors, treating the chocolate like wine, making small-batch vintages and sharing the stories of the cacao farmers.

Through responsible sourcing, Oh Fuudge is already making a positive impact on independent cocoa, sugar, and vanilla farms and plantations. We’re helping farmers to live healthy lives and to be able to send their children to school instead of kids being forced to work to help their families’ survive. We’re making a small impact, but we want to do more.

Cacao growing in Semuc Champey, AltaVeraPaz,  Guatemala, 2014

If you can, please help me grow OhFuudge’s impact. 

If you can’t spare anything, I totally get it!

another way to support the cause is to please share this link. That will absolutely help too! Please, also like and follow Oh Fuudge on all social media platforms @OhFuudgeYeah.

Thanks in advance!

If you do choose to contribute, please send your mailing address to MyHero@OhFuudge.com so I can send a thank you card, it’s the least I can do!


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