Cleveland, you’re amazing.

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Holy Fuudge! We actually need a “Press” page!!!

How cool is that?! 

Seriously, I had started OH Fuudge only a month before being mentioned on Cleveland.com! That’s nuts!

I was completely wrong about getting online ordering done by that weekend… There’s so much more to starting a business than you ever expect! My wishful thinking was quickly corrected with legalities and regulations as I learned more of the “what must be ” type stuff thanks to the food business incubator course at Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen.

If you want to start a business, do yourself a favor, find an incubator to join, and look for one that specializes in your kind of business. The cost of the course is so small compared to the headaches and the costs (money & time) of corrections you’ll have to make later if you don’t.  CCLK has been absolutely invaluable to me in that capacity, as well as providing a commercial space in which to cook.

As of 30 March, 2018, we’re still working on getting branding and labeling dialed, mostly due to my own indecision, but the goal is to be ready for Veg Fest at the convention center on 5 May.

That first mention gave us a definite boost in motivation and confidence, so along with offering samples at events around town, such as Chocolate Fest, (where the writer of this article learned about OH Fuudge) we’ve begun to see a following with enthusiasm that is humbling and overwhelming.

Add to all of this, we’ve been busy. AlbinOH Fuudge is receiving rave reviews and the battle of the best Oh Fuudge flavor goes on, every event has a different winner than the one before.

Cleveland, you’re amazing!

Soon, I promise, you will be able to order online!

In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or twitter so it’s easier to find us around town to taste and pick up some OH Fuudge to take home!

Stay tuned!

Big announcements and our official brand launch coming soon too!

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