Do you believe in Destiny? Well, you should.

If you’ve not yet been to CLE Urban Winery, you are missing out.  Situated at 2180 Lee Rd, in Cleveland Heights; across from the iconic Cedar Lee theater, and nestled among a bunch of great places to eat -menus available at the tasting bar. With the following it already has, it’s hard to believe it’s only been around since July of 2016.

Show up with chocolate and you too can get this greeting. Actually, If you just get there early in general, you probably will anyway, because the folks here are fantastic.

The idea of fitting the typical winery mold is eschewed for the benefit of making good wine more accessible and approachable to everyone.

Tradition is respected with attention to quality, but a hint of irreverence prevails in the delightful flavor innovations that appear.  Fruit combinations like the Hometown Heroes Peach Chardonnay are bright and refreshing without sending one into sugar shock. That’s just one of the delightful surprises waiting alongside classic styles like the C-Town Cabernet Sauvignon The variety runs the gambit with something for every kind of wino. And if you’re more of a beer drinker, try the Dry Hopped Pinot Grigio on Daught, it’s light bubbles with a hoppy nose and refreshing finish is perfect with some spicy  Boiling Seafood from across the street.

He’s still welcome, as long as he isn’t a party pooper.

Stereotypical snobbery of upscale wine bars is snubbed for a bright and open atmosphere with friendly staff who welcome you with a smile and great conversation. Sidle up to the central tasting bar, set parallel to the glass-walled production room, windows bordered with colorful graffiti, painted by local artists. Order a flight and try it all , or just have a glass of your favorite.

OH Fuudge is proud to announce that this fabulous new Cleveland favorite is our first official Flavorizor. That’s a technical term, I’m telling you, I’ll get it into the dictionary…well maybe urban dictionary.

Thanks to support, encouragement, and of course,  fabulous wine, from CLE UW, I believe I can actually make something of this locally inspired hot fudge idea. It gave me the confidence to reach out to more local businesses for collaboration.

See, I had this inkling that the hot fudge sauce I made was possibly good enough to sell. And after I shared samples, and sold a good bit at the Black Girl in the CLE Holiday Pop Up (hosted by CLE U W); my second craft show, this year, where I sold very little art, but a whole bunch of my booze-infused hot fudge, I felt even more confident about it. So after the pop-up, I had a chat with the owner and I mentioned to the idea of collaborating with local flavors to re-imagine my recipes.

Destiny Burns, US Navy vet, and former volunteer first responder- turned entrepreneur, philanthropist and winery owner, disappeared for a moment then returned to hand me a bottle of Edgewater Blackberry Merlot. “Bring me some samples, and we’ll go from there.”

Thank you for believing in me, Destiny.  I believe in you too!