Oh man, I cannot tell you how excited I am that Butcher & the Brewer agreed to a collaboration!  Ever since I decided to seriously pursue this OhFuudge thing, I have had a great time coming up with interesting flavors and looking for ways to make them really different from one another.  And with B&B there are some fabulous options for collaboration.  But one option, in particular, has held my attention….

But first, if you haven’t yet, you need to check this place out.  Part of the Cleveland Brewing Co family, Butcher &the Brewer is smack dab in the middle of E 4th st in downtown Cleveland.

With a great variety of house-made beers on tap, there’s plenty to choose from. But the creativity of the bartenders may prove dangerous, as I have yet to try a craft cocktail at B&B that wasn’t fantastic. It would be a terrible plan to try everything in one visit, tempting though it is.  If you’re like me, you’ll have trouble deciding and may want to try. Please pace yourself. That steamroller will flatten you… but you’ll enjoy it!

You know what will help? Food,  good food. Worry not, they’ve got that too! I highly recommend coming here with a huge group of friends so you can try it all.  Sharing is highly encouraged with most of the offerings plated a la carte. May I suggest the crispy pork shank and the calamari. The salt-roasted beets with goat cheese and pistachios are fantastic and pair beautifully with the smoked lamb ribs.  If you’re really adventurous, the smoked marrow, aka bone butter, is worth trying. Incidentally, our dogs love when we order this because the staff will wrap the bones up for your furry family when you’re done. But if you’re more into classic American comfort food, house-made corn dogs, fantastic sliders and baked mac n cheese will keep you happy.

I brought in some test batches of fudge for the staff to sample while we talked about teaming up.  After the meeting, one of the talented bartenders took the extras and came back with some really fantastic cocktails.

With all of the wonderful house made beers to choose from at B & B when it comes to making a unique hot fudge sauce, one stands out. The Albino Stout… it calls to me.

~OH Fuudge Old Fashioned and OH WINEot Punch~ So good I almost forgot to take photos! click it.

I’d been thinking about it for weeks. As it turns out, white chocolate pairs beautifully with the Albino Stout so keep an eye out for our collaboration: OH FUUDGE presents: AlbinOH

Weird thing is, I am not usually a white chocolate fan.

After 7 iterations of the recipe, each different, working to get the flavor ratios perfected, I’ve finally come up with AlbinOhFuudge and I’m so proud of it!

With complex layers of flavor, starting with the sweet, creamy flavor of fair trade White Chocolate followed by strong Caramel notes highlighted with Malt and finishing with a hint of spice.

The reactions so far, have been wonderful! Non-beer drinkers love it and so do folk like me, who usually don’t like white chocolate…

Try it in your coffee. So good! Or on salty popcorn…. Yumness!

One minor problem… unless you’re in North East Ohio For AlbinoOhFuudge you must go to the source.  Next time you visit B&B, pick some AlbinOhFuudge in the shop.  It’s the only place you can get it, other than from me directly at shows!   For now…

Full disclosure: some of these photos are stock, logos are borrowed and I snapped a few pics myself.