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OH Fuudge is committed to
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Woohoo!! Oh Shots was a Good Food Awards ’19 Finalist!!!

Congratulations to all of the winners were announced on Jan 11.

We didn’t win it this year, but we made it to the TOP 5!!  in the confections category, how cool is that?!

“I figured it was a long shot, entering to win a GFA in my first year, but it was a great motivator and I could not be happier with the results. I am so proud to be able to slap that blue badge on my labels and to stand in the ranks with so many amazing businesses making delicious treats while simultaneously making a positive difference in the world. Heck, to even qualify, the entire supply chain for each product is vetted for ethical and sustainable sourcing as well as local impact!

If I’d have won this year, I wouldn’t have been able to resist going to the awards ceremony, and right now, the cost of a trip to San Francisco is better spent on building OhFuudge into a self sustaining business.

But next year… OhFuudge yeah, it’s on!”

~Kelli, creator/everything officer

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If you’re going to treat yourself, the chocolate sauce should be good enough to eat by itself. Otherwise, why bother?

Doing Good Tastes Better

Oh Fuudge is committed to ethical practices, responsible sourcing and also to driving flavor innovation in confections and cocktails.

We are absolutely committed to building relationships with hometown businesses by partnering with craft flavorizors to create unique products, and also bring Oh Fuudge to bars and restaurants around Cleveland and beyond.

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OH Fuudge is committed to

Impact prior to Profit

Dairy, Soy, and Gluten free Flavors!

We want everyone to be able to enjoy OhFuudge.

Sometimes less is more. In this case, fewer added ingredients means more chocolate flavor and more versatility!

Responsible Sourcing

We do our research to ensure everything in OhFuudge is ethically produced with environmentally sustainable practices.

Fair Trade is a great starting point, but we can and will continue to do better.

Quality Ingredients

Flavor is our master. If it isn’t good enough on it’s own, it isn’t good enough.

We collaborate with other craft producers to create unique combinations using the best ingredients we can get, sourced locally and abroad, but always from other small businesses.

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